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Mixed Bag Fall Fundraiser

Get excited, everyone!

Our fall fundraiser is here and it is ahhhhhhmazing. Due to the incredible response we received last year about Mixed Bags, we've decided to bring them back again - this time for the holidays!

Beginning today, our students will be taking orders via catalog (being sent home today in backpacks) and online. Bethel will receive 40% on all online orders and 45% on all catalog orders.

As for our campaign goal, we are absolutely over the moon excited to announce that we're moving toward the renovation of the school kitchen so that we will be able to serve lunches! This endeavor will require fixing the stove, inspections and permits, plus materials for some pro bono labor. Our total sales goal is $5,000 which will get the ball rolling on this project. More about that later...

In addition to the Mixed Bag prizes,there will also be school-sponsored prizes for the class with the most participation and the top sellers. The top 3 sellers will receive cold hard cash to save for their college funds (because kids always save their money, right?). And for every $100 sold, students will be awarded Llama Cash too!



  • 1st place seller - $100 cash

  • 2nd place seller - $75 cash

  • 3rd place seller - $50 cash

  • Class with top sales (K-2) - pizza party

  • Class with top sales (3-12) - pizza party

  • Class with full participation (K-2) - extra break

  • Class with full participation (3-12) - extra break


  • Catalog - Visit local friends and family and give them the opportunity to look through the gorgeous catalogs. With products including bags, organizational goods, and kitchen utensils, there's pretty much something for everyone. To finalize an order, help your customer fill out the order form (and guard it with you life!) then collect their money.

  • Online - For local as well as long distant friends and family, share our custom fundraiser link and be available to answer any questions they may have. Don't forget to remind your customer to reference you (with code 807764) so you get credit toward your prizes!

Finally, we've compiled a list of resources to help make sharing and selling as easy as pie. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to get all the goodies!



If you have questions, contact Bethel Academy PTO.

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