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Monday Club Term 1

Bethel Family $50/Student (Register Here)

Non-Bethel Family $60/Student (Register Here)

Students will learn about plant life, creatures that crawl, leap and fly as they explore, investigate and interact with the natural world through games, sketching, wanderings, and many hands-on activities.    


Join us in exploring the outdoors and discovering God’s masterful creativity in the plants and animals he has made.

Study Hall:  Term 1

Bethel Family:  Cost varies.  (Register Here)

Only available to Bethel students.

During Study hall for K-2 we work in groups and individually to review the day's work and finish homework.  We  practice memory work, review lessons, read aloud and finish any take home assignments from their school day.

Friday Club Term 1

Bethel Family $50/Student   (Register Here)

Non-Bethel Family $60/Student. (Register Here)

Let's start building!!   


Legos are wonderful for brain, spatial, and creative development. The building process promotes critical thinking, and in a club students get to work together to create projects and solve problems!

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