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Our Mission

In partnership with families, churches, and communities, we lead students in a simple but rigorous course of Classical and Christian studies, so that every student may be strong, wise, and full of joy in God's world, with God's people, doing God's will.


We are Christians first! Who we are and what we do is deeply connected to what we believe. We cannot separate the understanding of our work in education from the understanding of who God is and what he does.


God overflows with every good and wonderful thing. Boundless and inexpressible Trinitarian love, creativity, power, strength and wisdom exploded into creation by a word. It was breathtaking, awe-inspiring and beautiful. It was good.


We are his people, his crown, his image bearers. Set in a garden with a unique set of tools and relationships, it fell to us, to our first parents, to populate the planet and garden the wild. In that garden everything sang an unhindered song of God's love and we had ears to hear it. Every stream, every bird, every tree, rock, fruit, star, wind and soul was a true window into God's abundant goodness, and we had eyes to see it. We were meant to see it, and in seeing to love, and in love to work. We were called to labor! God's glory had not yet covered the land like the waters cover the sea. We were meant to work with God and each other to fully display his inexpressible glory in every square inch of the world, for our ever increasing mutual delight.


But a dark lie from an enemy overwhelmed us. We loved a lie, the lie that "God is not good, and you can not trust him."


At once, everything was broken. Rhythm and harmony splintered into noise. The dawn of a newly rising sun faded. Death and destruction reigned. What once was the beautiful garden city of man was now a vast and desolate ruin.


But God was not caught unaware. Before the mountains had ever been born, he had made an ancient vow, and now he spoke it. Rebellion and death would not be the last word. One day, a new man would come from the old, a man to crush the enemy and restore everything that was lost.


So Jesus came. By dying he has crushed the enemy. His blood washes us. His Spirit renews. The image in us was toppled and fallen, but Jesus sets it aright. He calls us to walk with him again, to gather and sing, to walk and work.


"The end then of learning is to repair the ruins of our first parents by regaining to know God aright, and out of that knowledge to love him, to imitate him, to be like him…" (John Milton)  As teachers we labor to teach and  train students in the tools of learning so that they can see clearly God's design, his work and be ready to fully partner with him in his plans for the earth.


So we stand together as God's people, a shovel in one hand and a sword in the other. We are, by the Spirit and by faith, ready to build and fight. We take our place as image bearers in God's good world until he comes again to finally put down all evil and lead us in rebuilding what has always been in his heart -- a garden city where together with God, we all live and love together.  


Our educational method is rooted in the Classical Tradition. Classical culture gave insights into the nature, purpose, and a model of education that has produced some of the world's greatest thinkers, writers, teachers, and leaders. We share their same basic goal of joy through the formation of habits. These habits shape the body and soul developing leadership, critical thinking, and a love for work and wisdom.


Our Vision

Our Staff

We run our school like a family. Our teachers are not only professionals, they are also explorers, dreamers and builders. They enjoy their work, they are fascinated by each area and they work hard to pass on the knowledge of each subject. They give time, energy, and more because they believe in God, and they believe in what every student must one day become.  At the forefront of our heart related to each other, parents, and students  is C.S. Lewis' observation, "There are no ordinary people… You have never talked to a mere mortal."  We recognize that each student has a specific eternal destiny and we consider it a great honor to partner with parents for their eternal glory. 

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