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2018/19 Re-enrollment News & Signup

Greetings Bethel Families!

We love being with your kids, and we love what we get to do. Thank you for giving us a place in your family’s work of raising up godly men and women. We take your trust seriously and are excited to announce re-enrollment for the coming year.

We are entering our tenth year at Bethel Academy. We recently met with a group of advisors to plan for the future and, with their input, are pursuing some wide-reaching changes in order to continue to serve you well and to increase the level of that service. We are raising tuition costs and simplifying the billing structure as well. This enables us to immediately increase teacher salaries, improve the quality of administration and communication, and improve the building and grounds - all of which help us to strengthen our foundations and to grow with quality into the long-term.

Wait! How much is the tuition? We’ve simplified the fee structure and broken the payment plan into twelve months, so that after a yearly enrollment fee of $100 per student, returning families pay $250 a month per child for twelve months using an automated bank transfer. This equals $3000/year per child. There are no other fees, no multi-student discounts, and no parent volunteer hours required. (We’ve already made the cost as low as possible!)

In order to re-enroll please:

  1. fill out this form by March 18, and

  2. pay the non-refundable $100 enrollment fee for each student by April 6.

If you don’t let us know that you are coming back, we’ll have to think you’re moving on! So, if you haven’t filled out the form and made a payment by the time it’s due, we’ll ask you to re-enroll using the new family rate ($3700/year).

We look forward to working with you and your children. We have not considered these issues lightly, and would love to dialogue with you more if you have questions or feedback!

Happy to be working together,

The Bethel Team

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