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Bethel Fall Bash

Do-si-do your partners! Now promenade!

Come on and get cozy by a Fall fire and melt a mallow for s’mores. We’re so excited to announce our first annual Bethel Fall Bash. The students have been practicing a dance routine this month. And if warm and cozy isn’t your game, whet your competitive edge in the Bake Off or Pumpkin Carving Competition.


Cost: $5 per Bethel Family. $3/person for non-Bethel families. This pays for food and activities during the event.

Who's it for: Feel free to invite your friends and families! Just don't forget to RSVP on the Facebook PTO event - when you post please let me how many people are coming.

Activities include:

  • Square Dancing (starts at 6:30)

  • Corn Hole

  • 24 ft. Inflatable Slide

  • Bounce House

  • Fire pits for making S’mores

  • Popcorn

  • Homemade Hot Cider (Yum!)

  • Pumpkin Carving Contest

  • Bake Off

A note about the square dancing:

Students have been practicing a dance that they will perform during the evening. The coveted “Extra Break” Award will be given to the best class of dancers, but don’t worry. There are prizes for those that dare to go the glory of the solo. (And yes, this includes parents...)


Bake off Rules

  • All items must be homemade. No mixes or buying from store allowed. :)

  • All entries must have the recipe attached or it will not be accepted.

  • The item must be fully baked and ready to serve.

  • Please do not bring add-ons to your recipes. For example, cookies should not have accompanying “dips,” and breads should not have accompanying “butters” or “spreads.” This is a bake off competition and are looking to specifically judge the “baked” goods. Have your dish prepared for the judge. If something is to be added, it should be a part of the specific dish, not something the judge is expected to “add on” ie. frosting is acceptable as it is prepared on a cupcake, while butter is not, as the judge would need to “add” it to the dish.

  • Family members are welcome to join in and enter as a team

  • Types of desserts that may be entered: a. Cakes b. Cookies c. Brownies d. Pies

  • Please do not submit anything that requires refrigeration.

  • All submissions will be eaten by judges

  • Contestants may work individually or with a team. (prizes will be awarded to 1 member/team only, NOT each individual.)

  • Bring submissions to the designated area as soon as you arrive, you will be given a number, judging will be a blind judging so please do not put your name on anything! Winners will be announced at 6:30.

  • Submissions will be judged on a scale of 1-4, 4 being the highest.

  • Contestants will be grouped into 4 sections: k-3, 4-6 & 7-adult; & TEAMS.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest Rules

  • Bring your decorated pumpkin to the designated station AS SOON as you arrive

  • Each pumpkin will receive a number - judging will be a blind judging **(Please do not put your name on your pumpkin!!!!)**

  • Once registered, pumpkins may not be reclaimed until the completion of the contest.

  • Entries will be on display during the event, winners will be announced at 7:00 p.m.

  • All pumpkins must be decorated prior to arrival.

  • The main part of each entry must be a real pumpkin or a member of the pumpkin family.

  • Allowed decorations include: carving, paint, glitter, drawings, paper or materials of any kind, pinned or glued on pumpkins.

  • No real candle may be used as part of the entry. You may use a battery operated candle.

  • All entries must be family friendly and community oriented, no death scenes etc.

  • Pumpkin judging will be broken up into 3 sections: K-3, 4-6 & 7-adult.

  • Any pumpkins that are not picked up by 7:30 p.m. will be thrown away.

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