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Parent Teacher Huddles

Taken directly from Marci's email this week:


We will have parent-teacher team huddles anytime Friday, November 10 and Tuesday, November 21 (in place of the normal school day). We would love to have every family participating! We call them “parent-teacher team huddles” vs. “parent-teacher conferences” because we know that as a school we are part of your team working to help your children reach their full potential. We would love to meet with you to talk more about your children and how we can best serve your family.

If neither of those dates work please let us know and we can work another time out!

Parent/Teacher Huddles can work a few ways!

1. You can email the head teacher of your student's grade level and have a general meeting about how your student is doing overall.

2. If you are interested in a specific subject that your student is in you can email that particular teacher and meet with them.

3. If you need some kind of combo of the above just let the main teacher know you would also like to meet particularly about a certain subject and they will contact that teacher to have them at your meeting.

General Grade Level Teachers are below:

  • K: Suzy Shian -

  • 1: Laura Chavez -

  • 2: Anna Hardin -

  • 3/4: Amanda Offutt -

  • 5/6: Marci Lewellen -

  • 7-12: Richard Lewellen -

For specific subjects login to MSP and find the teacher to email them for an appointment.

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