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This Saturday's Event

There has been some concern about what this Saturday's party will consist of and what must be prepared prior to the party. I apologize for contributing to the confusion by not doing a better job of thoroughly communicating how this event fits into our fundraiser. I also know that there are many questions about the Read-A-Thon itself. Those will be addressed today.

To clarify, the fundraiser STARTS on Saturday so no money needs to be raised or even hours clocked by then. If you've already collected some moolah or clocked some hours, a high five to you! But it is not expected.

This event is simply a way to celebrate the season, support a local business (because they're kind enough to host a spirit brunch at the same time), and get our kids off to a great start with clocking 100 minutes of reading on day one.

It is NOT a mandatory event though we'd love to see you reading with us or simply popping in to grab a coffee so we can get a percentage of the sale.

Below you will find the event schedule and some tidbits about the whole thing. But feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

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