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We'd Love Your Help!

Hello Bethel Families! The countdown is on and we're so excited to see everyone's smiling faces at school in barely over a week. On that note, there is still so much to do and we could use a few extra hands to get the place in tip top shape.

As you might have noticed from the Facebook page, we've been busy bees installing all of the new playground equipment that last year's fundraiser efforts secured. To say the playground got an upgrade is an understatement!

For everyone that has already generously given their time and resources, thank you, thank you, thank you! For those that are able to help this weekend, we've got 2 more workdays on the calendar:

  • Saturday, July 28 (tomorrow!) from 9:30am-12:30pm

  • Sunday, July 29 from 12pm-3pm

If neither of the above times work for you, go ahead and text Marci and she'll make sure that someone is there to help. :)

One of the greatest things about our community is the way that we all come together to get the job done. Whether it is showing up late at night to repair windows and clean up fire extinguishers (ahem, this time last year) or throwing in cash to send the Lewellens on a bucket list vacation, you guys are amazing!

See you all so very soon,


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