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Hello Bethel Families!

We are so excited to see all of your bright and smiling faces tomorrow morning. As you might imagine, drop off will be a little different from the usual since it's the first day of school.

If you choose to park and walk, you can use our lot or the empty lot across the street (attached to the mexican food restaurant). We'll be doing the class cheers as students enter the school so feel free to stick around and root them on.

We'll also have a little parent social time with our Boohoo Breakfast starting as soon as the students head into the building (8:45ish). If you're a kindergarten parent, please be sure to grab your First Day Of School Survival Kit. Cold brew coffee, breakfast bread, and tissues are available for anyone and everyone.

FYI: The Boohoo Breakfast is a light breakfast for parents and siblings not in school. Please be sure your students are fed and ready for the exciting day ahead of them.

On a final note, school begins at 8:30 (though many parents elect to arrive a tad early first day) and ends for the littles at 12:30. Big kids stay until 3pm as do any students that are in clubs.

See you tomorrow!!


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