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Thankful for the Lewellens

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, some of our families wanted to express how thankful they are for our headmasters, Richard & Marci Lewellen.

"We are so thankful for the way Richard and Marci love our children. They see our children as important and worth their time and energy. They are constantly blowing us away with their flexibility, humility, kindness, and willingness to serve their Bethel family. Josh and I have never met such a hard working and devoted couple. Richard and Marci we are so thankful for you both as individuals and as a couple. We are so thankful to be a part of your Bethel family and for the truly amazing example you both show us every day."

~ Josh and Mary Golden

"We are thankful that Bethel not only strives to teach our kids academically, but also work hard at investing in our kids eternally. It means so much to know they are coming alongside us to shepherd our children's hearts."

~ John & Gaitha Pennington

"I am thankful for a prophetic, praying staff and for students who love to love others!"

~ Rochelle Walker

“I am thankful for nice teachers. They are nice because they love us. If we are absent and there was homework, they will let us get through it without getting behind. Also Madeline prayed for me one time when someone hurt my feelings. Mr. Richard is funny and makes us laugh. Mrs. Marci is caring because whenever we are hurt she will stop what she is doing and have full attention on us.”

~ Emma Carleigh Scott

“I am thankful that Bethel helps us learn stuff. My favorite is history. Miss Anna helps me experience more stuff to learn. Mr. Richard makes me laugh and when I was in first grade and kindergarten he came out to our breaks and played with us. I liked that a lot. I like that Mrs. Marci comes out to break and helps kids. I fell on my head one day and she saw it and sent someone downstairs with me to get a band aid. And what I love about both of them is they got Bethel for little kids to learn there.”

~ Eli Scott

“We are so thankful for the way that the Lewellen’s love our kids and come alongside the parents to support our families. The way you guide the kids’ hearts through tough situations and care not only for their education but also their spiritual growth means more to us than you will ever know. We are thankful that you are our kids’ instructors but even more grateful that we get to call you friends as well.”

~ Josh and Alice Scott

"I love how hard work is highly valued and taught as a virtue to the students.I am so grateful for the time and thoughtfulness that is given to help each student succeed individually."

~ Holly Montoya

"Thankful for the teachers and staff who love our kids and pray for them; especially thankful for Richard and Marci who invest so much of themselves!"

~ Marvin & Dori Landis

"Thankful for my friends and all of my teachers because I like them."

~ Eve Landis

"Thankful for all of the fun things we do at Bethel, like playing on the playground and learning cursive and Bible and history."

~ Brennan Landis

"We love how Marci and Richard truly love and appreciates each student and family individually and the way they show affection to our children.2)We are thankful for the love of Christ that is shown through every staff member and the passion behind their teachings."

~ Coulter Family

"We are thankful that Bethel partners with us in training our children up. We notice and appreciate the tireless hours spent to keep Bethel running. We are grateful that the teachers really care about the success of our children."

~ Tammy Franck

"I love Bethel teachers and I am so thankful for the way they care about each student!"

~ Lisa Gottshall

"I am thankful for Bethel because it is such a great school and because I love that my friends are there. And I love all my teachers and that I love God so, so much. And I'm glad that they celebrate God."

~ Grace Simmons

"From the moment we sat in the informational meeting, we knew that Bethel was the right fit for our family. Richard's obvious passion for learning and Marci's gracious spirit drew us in and we are beyond thankful for the opportunity to be a part of their vision. We also adore the teachers that care and shape our children every day."

~ Simmons Family

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