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KCBA NEWS 1.25.19

Check out Bethel News from our upper school students!


  • Read-a-thon will end January 30th

  • We have already raised $4111.00

Valentines Day

  • There will be class parties on the day.

  • Homeroom lists will be sent to you 1 week prior to Valentine's Day.

  • February 13th “D-Day” Parents please come and help decorate your child's classroom. between 6-9pm on the 13th. Please bring decorations with you!

Cheer SignUp

  • SignUps will be March 4th 2019

  • All girls between 3rd-5th are welcome.

  • Practices will be Fridays 12.45-2.45pm starting March 4th 2019

Talent Show

  • SignUps and auditions will take place in March.

  • Single Acts will be allowed 3mins, duets and groups will be allowed 4-5mins.

  • We need 25 acts.

  • More information to come.

  • Ideas for the talent show- * Singing a song *Dance a routine *Hula-hoop routine *Gymnastics *Magic Show *Group Jump Rope Routine *Stomp Routine *Spoken Word *Playing an instrument *Martial Arts * Making balloon animals *Cheerleading a cheer *Live painting *Juggling *Ventriloquist *Puppets *Acting out a scene from a movie *Yo-Yo tricks.


  • We will be keeping K-2nd grade inside Tue and Wed this week. 3rd-12th teacher discretion /you can text or email us and we can keep your student inside.

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