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From the Read-a-Thon and BEYOND!

We did it! We reached not one, not two, but THREE GOALS in our Read-a-Thon Fundraiser. Boy, did our Bethel students show up and show out. We had such a fun time celebrating with them as we announced the total on our fundraiser and silly string went flying through the air!

Here is the final totals for our history-making fundraiser.

Total Minutes Read


Total Amount Raised


We had a total of 104 active readers and 256 sponsors!

Our Top Kindergarten Reader - Aiden MacDougall

Our Top Kindergarten Raiser - Aiden MacDougall

Our 1st-3rd Grade Reader Winners - First place Lincoln Lewellen (2,061), Second Place Aaron Debenedictis (2,050), Third Place Daniel Savenok (1,290)

Our 1st-3rd Grade Raiser Winners - First Place Tie to Eve Landis ($305) and Brennan Landis ($305), Second Place Aubrey Vaughn ($225), Third Place Aaron Debenedictis ($190)

Our 4th-12th Grade Reader Winners - First Place Samuel Savenok (3,171), Second Place Bastian Daley (2,741), Third Place Cosette Montoya (2,276)

Our 4th-12th Grade Raiser Winners - First Place Samuel Savenok ($500), Second Place Emma Scott ($165), Third Place Tie to Bastian Daley ($150) and Jasper Daley ($150)

What they earned -

Our Students earned a pizza and ice cream sundae party. This party date will be decided on by each individual homeroom and emailed to parents by the teacher. Bethel will provide pizza and sundaes but students need to bring their own water bottles that day.

Our students also earned an extra field trip this year! The extra field trip will be a day trip to BUMP CITY! The date is being set for hopefully this month or early March. More details will be sent out as soon as the date is locked in.

What Bethel Academy Gained -

With the money raised from our fundraiser, Bethel Academy will be purchasing a stove and a hood for our kitchen! The kitchen is an on-going project, but we are so excited to have reached this point!

With the remaining money, the Bethel PTO will be allocating these funds to provide donuts for our Donuts and Dad day, Graduation expenses and then tucking a little bit away for any unforeseen needs. It's wisdom to have a little safety net.

Never before has Bethel Academy had such a successful fundraiser and it's all due to you and your child's hard work! Thank you to all the families that participated. You are truly shining stars!

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