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It's All Greek to Me...UNTIL NOW!

Introduction to Biblical Greek

April 23 - May 29

Tuesdays 7-9p


Have you ever wanted to learn Greek? Now’s your chance! We will be meeting Tuesdays 7-9p for six weeks. You can expect to learn how to read and write Greek while building fluency in the vocabulary and phrases of John 1:1-5.

GOALS: What will I be able to do after this six weeks?

  1. You’ll have overcome the first and most significant hurdle to learning a new language. You’ll know the sound system. You will be able to read and write Biblical Greek using the Modern Pronunciation system. (Sound like a real Greek! Read ancient texts!)

  2. You’ll have made a dent in the second and most satisfying hurdle in learning a new language. You’ll learn about 50 different words. That’s enough vocabulary to get through the first five verses of John’s Gospel. (Did I mention that you’ll be reading the very words John used? The same John who put his head on JESUS’ CHEST!!

  3. Finally, you’ll have gained exposure to how phrases and clause work in Greek by using them and reading them. (Like being a giant stammering toddler! What fun!)

MATERIALS and COST: What do I need to bring?

I’ll be giving you everything you need, so all you have to do is come with $5 to cover materials. I want you to come!! We will be starting this next Tuesday, 4/23. If you know anyone that would be interested pass along this email. The more the merrier!

Please follow this link to fill out the enrollment form.

In case you get the itch…

  • here’s a link to the text of John 1.

  • If you want to buy an inexpensive printed edition of the Greek New Testament, I recommend this one.

  • A native Greek speaker reads the New Testament here.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to write!


Bethel Academy

1800 High Grove Rd.

Grandview, MO 64030


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